Why HW Heaters?

Why instantaneous hot water heaters:-

Instant hot water heaters suitable for supplying showers and baths with adequate hot water, operate on a 3/phase electrical supply system. These have successfully been in operation for over 40 years. This set-up offers up to 30% in electricity savings with regards to water heating.


Independent research done in both Germany and RSA has established that this is a well proven system. Reports on same are available from this office.

The small, compact AEG range of instant water heaters will supply hot water on demand. Electrical power is only used while the hot water is running!

Suitable for basins and sinks in locations with a 230V single phase electrical supply or baths and showers in areas with 400V three-phase electrical supply.


Note: For water pressure in excess of 10 bar, it is necessary to fit a pressure-reducing valve.

Single-phase 230V is suitable for single units, i.e. sinks or basins, but for efficient bathroom installations a 3-phase 400V electrical supply must be employed. 

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