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5 - 10 litre Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters 230v. supply
Open push through installation


Open systems work with nearly 0 Bar pressure. The content of the tank is managed via a special armature which is continuously in contact with the outside air. As soon as the hot water tap is opened, the cold water inlet in activated and pushes the warm water in the tank via the tap into the basin. Due to the expansion during the heating up of the water, a few drops are released via the tap into the basin, (Expansion). The special tap can be recognised by its three connections.

No special safety valves or vacuum breakers are required. The system can only be used for one outlet.

Conventional Hot Water Cylinders
Closed systems


Closed systems operate on full line pressure. With the opening of the hot water tap, the line pressure pushes the water to the opening. Therefore more than one outlet can be connected. Closed systems need safety equipment to protect the tank from over-pressure. Normal taps with two connections can be used.

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