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DDLE water heaters are designed to serve one to several close points as would be found in a bathroom. The DDLE series is suitable for hot water supply to a bath or to a shower and basin simultaneously. Where a shower or bath application is installed, a 3-phase 400V supply must be provided. A separate temperature control unit is available for remote installations (roof etc.).

The units are constructed with an impact-resistant white synthetic outer casing and glass-fiber reinforced polyamide heating block. The heater coils are directly immersed in the water so as to ensure rapid heat transfer and minimal scale formation.

Operation is automatically initiated when a tap is opened. A pressure difference switch switches on the electronic control. Full electronic water temperature regulation, independent of fluctuations in temperature and pressure is thus achieved.

Temperature selection is between 30 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. The electronic control unit continuously records the flow rate, inflow temperature and the outflow temperature that was selected with the temperature selection knob. When the hot water tap is turned off, the electronics and heating are completely disconnected from the hot water installation.

A dual safety system, with over-temperature and over-pressure protection (10 bar), provides the hot water installation with maximum safety.

DDLE Water Heaters will work with any type of tap including single lever taps.
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